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WHEN to Expect Your Baby To: Sleep Through the Night, Drop the Swaddle, Night Wean and More!

“When can my baby sleep through the night?   When can I stop swaddling? and “ When can I drop the dream feed?” are some of the first questions as a Mom that I found asking myself (and Googling for hours).  With so much conflicting information and advice from my friends and the Internet, I decided to really dedicate myself to learning as much about infant sleep as possible. Knowing what to expect and about WHEN to expect it made me feel just a little less crazy in the Motherhood department! 

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Getting your Overtired Baby Sleeping 8 hours by 8 weeks

8 Hours by 8 Weeks didn’t come easily or without consistency. The first was implementing a consistent Eat-Play-Sleep schedule. The second was encouraging one nap per day in the crib. The third was keeping my baby up for full feedings, and not allowing him to exceed his napping minimums. Read more!

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