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WHEN to Expect Your Baby To: Sleep Through the Night, Drop the Swaddle, Night Wean and More!

“When can my baby sleep through the night?   When can I stop swaddling? and “ When can I drop the dream feed?” are some of the first questions as a Mom that I found asking myself (and Googling for hours).  With so much conflicting information and advice from my friends and the Internet, I decided to really dedicate myself to learning as much about infant sleep as possible. Knowing what to expect and about WHEN to expect it made me feel just a little less crazy in the Motherhood department! 

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Babywearing with Boppy: How wearing your baby can promote great sleep

Where is the place you absolutely need to babywear?  Doing chores, yoga class, or while cruising the aisles alone at Target?  And if you aren’t already babywearing, why should you start now? I’m going to introduce today not only the AMAZING new Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier, which was inspired by yoga apparel, but also talk about how wearing your baby can promote great sleep and strengthen the bond between parent and baby.

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Naps B R E A K D O W N: How Many Naps Should my Baby Take (and When to Drop a Nap!)

How many naps does my baby and/or toddler need?  How long should they be? (Bookmark or PIN this page, trust me you’re going to want to come back!)  Let’s make your life just a little easier- grab a glass of Pinot or a cup of tea and digest this nap breakdown from birth to 3 years old.

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