4-Month Sleep Regression: How to Spot It and Fix It

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I’m Lauren- founder of Sleep & the City and I have a huge passion to help parents and families! The day I had my children, I couldn’t wait to create so many precious moments and by the third night, I felt sleep deprived - terrified - and hallucinating from the lack of sleep. Can you relate to that at all? I wanted to know all the things about my babies and their sleep because I became a walking Mombie! Fast forward to today - Sleep & the City is built for families who might be wondering “Is my baby normal? Is my baby getting enough to eat… sleeping enough… not enough… and am I doing something wrong?” If you can relate to any of these, then you are in the right place! And it’s a pleasure to meet you! SO excited to talk today about a topic that plagues almost every babe out there: The 4-Month Sleep Regression. We will chat about how to spot, AND fix it!

Let’s talk about the awful 4-month sleep regression….

Does your 4 month old seem to be regressing? As in, baby was doing pretty good and now things are looking a little different? The 4-month sleep regression is totally normal because during this time, baby is going through tons of neurological and biological advancements. Baby is growing! And with this growth may come changes in sleep, eating, and routines.

Here are a couple of ways to spot a 4 month sleep regression and how to fix it.

Short Naps

Your baby might be going through a 4-month sleep regression if they are catnapping.

Catnaps are super common during this time. These naps may last 20-45 minutes. I know, I know… you definitely want a longer nap. Trust me, totally get it!

There is hope to sneak at least one larger nap in baby’s day. This can ensure that baby does not become overtired. If you have any specific questions about the 4- Month Sleep Regression, you will totally love the “How to Survive the 4-Month Sleep Regression” guide! Click here to grab your copy.

Night Wakings

Your baby might be going through a 4-month sleep regression if they have random night wakings.

A super common thing your baby may experience during the 4-month sleep regression is night wakings. These random night wakings can be really tough. Some children will wake up every 2-3 hours just like their newborn days.

Try to give babies 5-10 minutes to re-settle themselves - sometimes boredom is the best remedy. If your baby is going through a 4-month sleep regression one thing you can do is embrace a little bit of protesting…. it’s ok for baby to fuss for short periods of time because they are learning new, healthier habits. During 4-month sleep regressions, baby might need a more customized approach. In these cases, we always recommend one of our consultations.

The four month sleep regression is still kickin’ but once we make it through I cannot wait to shoot for tandem naps! Wishful thinking? Maybe. But I have a playbook at the ready courtesy of my Lauren @sleepandthecity. I read through her 5-12 month sleep guide and I am so excited to start using it. It’s the real deal y’all. A quick read, tips you can tailor to fit your routine and she even answers a ton of questions at the end. Take it from a mama whose first baby didn’t nap for 2 years, you want to have this in your life. #SATCReview
— Hilary @hkpfeff523 via Instagram

Want to learn about all the different types of sleep regressions? Read, “Sleep Regressions”.

Expert Support

So, if your baby is in a 4-month sleep regression and things are not looking any better, book your consultation with an expert sleep consultant.

Your consultation will be with me personally. I will learn as much as I can about your baby and sleep related information and will put together a custom plan. Some things that we might go over would be swaddling, crib transition, feedings and distractions, do’s and dont’s, ways to lengthen naps, dream feeds, “Wellness Checks”, and all my recommendations for a perfect night’s sleep.

From there, you will put that plan into action and you’ll continue to get accountability and support by me. Need more information about consultations? Visit Sleep and the City services, here.