How to Survive the 4-Month Baby Sleep Regression

How to Survive the 4-Month Baby Sleep Regression


What is the 4-month sleep regression?  Will it happen to your baby?  Is it already happening to your baby?  And how can you stop it from becoming worse?  

This "sleep consultant approved" guide will walk you through this dreaded sleep regression for your newborn and help your child begin sleeping through the night, again!


  • Sleep Guidance & Education for Babies 4 Months Old

  • A Realistic Look at What to Expect when the Sleep Regression HIts

  • Gentle and gradual approaches to surviving the four month regression and coming out of it as quickly as possible!

  • How to Respond to Night Wakings due to the Regression

  • How to Encourage Full Feeds during distractions & Nutrition guidance

  • How to help your child learn to self-soothe for bedtime and during night wakings

  • How to start the "Dream Feed" (one feed per night) 

  • The “Must Have” sleep items necessary for a smooth transition and reduce anxiety

  • Transitioning out of the Rock N’ Play, Swing, Stroller, Carseat included

  • Question & Answer portion with questions submitted by clients and real families via social media

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