Here’s your sleep schedule

Get sample schedules for your children, from birth to toddler, PLUS wake windows with each schedule, to help you navigate the rhythm of training your baby to sleep without a sound.


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Get The Ultimate Guide to Baby’s 1st Year of Sleep

Everything you need to tackle Baby’s 1st year of sleep like a sleep expert

The Wink-a-Sleep Method is science-backed, and actual #momlife approved.

Doesn’t that sound better than the “hang on, lemme google that real quick” approach?

The Wink-a-Sleep First Year Bundle combines everything you need to:

✔️get your baby sleeping 8 hours in just 8 weeks (the newborn guide)

✔️learn our signature soothing methods, to make sure baby sleeps in almost any environment

✔️survive the twists and turns that hit you hard, like the infamous 4-month sleep regression

✔️train your baby to sleep consistently, despite developmental changes (the infant sleep guide) 

TRUE or FALSE: Starting solids could help drop your baby’s frequent night wakings. True or False? Drop your guess below and I’ll be following up in stories later! You won’t want to miss this one 👌🏼
Did you know that we are pros at baby nutrition & night weaning? If you’ve been cleared by your doc to help baby sleep through the night but don’t want to use a scary cry-it-out method, we have you covered! Drop us a DM, we love hearing from you ladies! ♥️
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Parenting Lesson #197: Expect change, don’t be thrown by it.

In my 6 years as a sleep expert (trusted by the big guns like Dock-a-Tot and Disney), I’ve heard it all, but most of the calls I get sound a whole lot like this:

“I thought things were going GREAT…”


“I thought we were finally getting somewhere, and then…”

Your sweet babe will change in hours, in minutes, and sometimes even right before your misty eyes.

Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the growth instead of just dreading the milestones that everyone else “warns” you about?

The only way to do that is to understand this (Parenting Lesson #132):

The habit of sleep (good or bad) is a combination of biology, brain, and behavior.

Your baby is not like every other baby.

Snagging a sleep schedule won’t give you or your baby the long-term relief you’re looking for.

You’re the only expert on your baby.

The Wink-a-Sleep method will help you truly get all the concepts behind this whole sleep thing, and truly get exactly what your baby needs from you to sleep.

The Bundle Includes everything your baby needs to sleep soundly in the first year:

✔️Wink-a-Sleep Newborn Guide

✔️4-month Sleep Regression Guide

✔️Wink-a-Sleep Infant Guide