How does this work?


I’m a DIY die-hard!

1. Choose your guide.

2. Digest the info + apply the techniques.

3. Sleep through the night again (+ stop feeling like you’re doing it wrong)

I need real help!

1. Choose your consultation below.

2. Schedule a time to chat with Lauren and formulate a custom sleep solution.

3. Apply the techniques with support + accountability from Lauren.

4. Continue your new routine with an action plan from Lauren.


If you’re tired of trying everything and going it alone...

The Wink-a-Sleep Consultation packages are for you.

With over five years of private baby sleep consulting, you’ll work directly with our founder, Lauren, to ensure your sleep goals are met and you get the best plan possible for your child.

We view every family as an individual case.

All sleep solutions are based on your lifestyle, parenting style, and child’s temperament. We love to keep your sleep wishes in mind.