What kind of mom enrolls in a certification program while she’s on maternity leave?

A desperate one.

Nice to meet you, I’m Lauren!

You might still find me with a 6-shot espresso-in-hand, but NOT because I have to.

I’m was a desperate-new-mom now turned sought-after sleep expert, and I’m here to help you get out of the Mombie Zone, too.

Just like you, after I had my first son, I couldn’t bear the thought of letting my little babe just cry it out. But MOMMA needs her sleep, am I right?

I wondered if there could possibly be a gentler way.

So, I dove deep into self-study, and finally got my son sleeping at least 8 hours by the age of 8 weeks.

With my babies only 20 months apart, I enrolled in an online sleep consulting school while on my second maternity leave. I became a certified sleep expert, and began this business to not only help my family, but families around the world with a realistic & modern sleep approach I couldn’t find anywhere else.