Surviving the Transition to the Toddler Big Kid Bed

Surviving the Transition to the Toddler Big Kid Bed


"The Perfect Sleep Guide for Parents with toddlers looking for gentle & modern approach to the toddler bed transition, leading to child sleep success & independence."

This Sleep Survival guide is exactly what every Mom needs to know when the time comes to your baby or toddler to the big kid toddler bed! When you have a busy todder, the last thing you have the energy for is reading multiple sleep books trying to figure out how to help your child move to his or her new bed.  With 20 pages of information that you won’t find together anywhere else, this is the ONLY toddler sleep information you’ll ever need to read about the transition- and it’s proven information using our gentle approaches to room and toddler bed acclimation!  This “mini” guide is packed with amazing secrets and EASY tactics previously only shared with full-time clients.  DOWNLOAD NOW- don’t wait until AFTER your toddler is too old or waking up to visit you multiple times at night! You will wish you had this from the beginning!  For ages 2 years through 5 years old.



  • A realistic look at bed transition and room acclimation for the modern parent using gentle and gradual approaches to moving your Toddler to the big kid bed seamlessly

  • Sample Toddler one-nap schedule and no-nap schedule

  • The “Must Have” sleep items necessary for a smooth transition and to reduce anxiety in young children

  • The “Do’s and Dont’s” of Moving your Toddler to a Big Kid Bed

  • What to Expect from your Toddler during the Transition and how long the process takes overall

  • Easy steps to take prior to the changes to ensure Toddler stays in bed all night

  • Question & Answer portion with questions submitted by clients and real families via social media

  • Real Family Example of a Child moving to a Toddler Bed & sleep soundly with the Sleep & the City programs even after multiple doctors and therapists failed to help

  • & more!

Photography courtesy of RavenVasquez Photography

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