How to Survive (and Sleep!) While Traveling with Kids

How to Survive (and Sleep!) While Traveling with Kids


Picture courtesy Raven Vasquez Photography

How can you keep a baby on schedule while traveling? Will naps be a complete waste? And what about the travel regression your child will experience once returning home? 

This "sleep consultant approved" guide will walk you through how to survive & sleep while traveling with your littles on a road trip, plane trip, or across time zones!


  • Vacation Sleep Guidance & Education for children 0-5 years

  • A Realistic Look at What to Expect when traveling via car or plane

  • How to Respond to Night Wakings on vacation

  • How to Encourage Vacation naps in unfamiliar locations

  • What to bring/pack to encourage sleeping through the night

  • Tips for Traveling & Naps via Car and Plane

  • Time Zone Sleep Assistance

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