12-24M Bundle: Sleep Training DIY Guide + Nap Training ($30+ savings)

12-24M Bundle: Sleep Training DIY Guide + Nap Training ($30+ savings)

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Tired of being tired? Thinking about your next pregnancy (or already pregnant) but still have a young toddler between 12-24 months running around refusing to sleep all night?

HERE’S YOUR SOLUTION: The 12-24 Month Bundle, complete with Sleep Training DIY Guide + Nap Training guide for your busy babe! With $30+ off the price if purchased separately, this is a steal at only $119! Often times young toddlers will struggle with napping, which directly affects their inability to sleep all night (or vice versa!). Don’t wait until your toddler is older than 2 years (trust us, it doesn’t get easier!).

Here are the perfect candidates for this guide:

  • You are looking for a gentle, hands-on approach to sleep when nothing else has worked (did I mention I’ve done this for over 5+ years? I’ve got your back girl!)

  • Your toddler is between 12-24 months old

  • Your toddler has 1+ or more night wakings

  • Your toddler takes naps that only last 45 minutes or less, or falls asleep often in the car/stroller

  • You currently sleep in the same bed with your child but wish to move them into their own room or own space

  • Your child seems irritable and fussy constantly

  • You are ready to night wean completely (if you haven’t already)

  • You’re ready to begin sleeping all night, you know, like before you had kids.

Note: The included Nap Training Guide is good for children up to 4 YEARS, and a it’s included as a Bonus in this bundle for more than 50% off the price! Buy now, and start sleeping within 5-7 nights!

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