The Full Consultation

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The Full Consultation


For children 4+ months and up. The Full consultation tackles everything from keeping children happily in their rooms all night, to poor napping to frequent night wakingsearly rising before 6am, night weaning to unwanted co-sleeping, even soothing your child without being rocked/walked to sleep.  We also cover crib/room transitions, age-appropriate schedules & effective night time routines, those dreaded sleep regressions, Wonder Weeks, nightmares/night terrors, and those exhausting bedtime battles.  We believe that positive reinforcement, logical consequences and various sleep coaching methods and techniques will help your little one learn to love their environment AND sleep!  This package includes a 1-hour consultation and seven days follow-up of support where we will:

+ Review your client history form in detail and get to know one another!

+ Go over your Eat & Sleep diary from the past week (if applicable)

+ Review current sleep environment and decide on a favorable area that everyone is comfortable with

+ Multiple tips on techniques to lengthen naps and night sleep

+ Discuss age-appropriate daily routines/schedules

+ Decide on a sleep plan that fits within your values and child’s temperament that will encourage daily naps and lengthened nighttime sleep based on neurological, biological & behavioral factors

+ By the end of our consultation, you will be prepared to implement your custom Sleep Plan, while being completely comfortable with the techniques for assisting & coaching your child to sleep to put themselves to sleep at bed/naptime, and back to sleep during any night wakings or sleep regressions!

+ Includes seven days of support, additional weeks of support available

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