*PREORDER*: Nap Training Survival Guide

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MINI Guide Cover.jpg

*PREORDER*: Nap Training Survival Guide


*The perfect guide for parents, grandparents, nannies or childcare owners to start guaranteeing longer, independent napping. For children 0-24 months of age.

*Preorders Information: Guides will be emailed at first availability to preorder customers.  ONLY preorder customers will include a custom schedule included with purchase.*

This Sleep Survival guide is exactly what every first time or seasoned parent needs to know about encouraging longer naps and even independent sleep if you wish!  With a new baby in the house, it can be difficult to research hour after hour online trying to find the reason WHY your baby takes short naps, or struggles to fall asleep independently.  This sleep-shaping guide is packed with amazing modern sleep secrets and EASY tactics previously only shared with full-time clients, and will set you up to have sleep success long past the 24+ month mark by assisting you in gently creating desirable nap time habits.  DOWNLOAD NOW- don’t wait until your baby is 2+ years old and still not napping! You will wish you had this from the beginning!  For ages birth through 24 months old.



  • Sleep Guidance & Education for Ages 0-24 Months

  • No-Cry Method for Babies 0-4 Months

  • Quick AND Gentle Contemporary Methods for Babies 5-24 months

  • Nap Lengthening Tricks and Techniques for:

    • Room sharing children

    • Bed sharing children

    • Children in nurseries/cribs at home

    • Children in daycare

    • “On the Go” children (travel, multiple child household)

  • Secret tips for transitioning to the Crib and Nursery

  • Example Schedules and Wake Windows

  • Where to Nap Baby during the Day

  • Step by Step on how to help baby sleep independently

  • How and When to Drop a Nap Successfully

  • How to Avoid Car Naps and Cat Naps

  • When to Introduce a Dockatot, Pillow, or Blanket

  • Steps to Create the Perfect Napping Area for Baby

  • How to Encourage a 1+ Hour Naps

  • 30-45 minute nap solutions & troubleshooting

  • Popular Question & Answers Section submitted by real Moms and clients

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