Newborn: Full Consultation (0-4M)

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Newborn: Full Consultation (0-4M)


For newborn babies up to 4 months of age. This gentle NO-CRY package was designed to assist you in setting the groundwork early for an amazing sleeper for YEARS to come without formal sleep training! For first time Moms or parents that just need a refresher course, the Newborn Package is our most comprehensive consultation that we offer (meaning we cover it ALL!)  This package consultation lasts approximately two hours and includes 7 days+ of support with our lead consultant (additional weeks can be added!) where we will:

+ Discuss all the Newborn Sleep Basics, including: when to expect baby to sleep longer stretches at night and drop wakings, nap time hurdles, how to transition baby into nursery/crib, and safe sleep practices 

+ Custom schedules and routines for every month up to 4 months,  beginning as early as birth

+ Walk you through EXACTLY HOW to help baby learn to fall asleep independently without sleep training 

+ Give suggestions for creating a sleep inducing nursery or bedroom that everyone is comfortable with!

+ Chat in depth about NAPS (when, where and how!), extending night sleep and newborn soothing techniques

+ Provide a nutrition assessment based on baby's growth, when to introduce a bottle

+ Includes the "Newborn Sleep" survival guide ($100 value)

+ Includes seven days of support, additional weeks of support available

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