*RESERVED* FOR HEIDI M. Full Consultation

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*RESERVED* FOR HEIDI M. Full Consultation

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For children 6-36 months.  Most children are able to sleep through the night by 4 months- if they are taught the necessary skills to put themselves back to sleep.   We believe that positive reinforcement, logical consequences and various gentle sleep coaching methods and techniques will help your infant learn to love their environment AND sleep! Includes seven days of text & email support with our lead consultant. This package includes a 1-hour phone consultation where we will:

+ Review your child history form in detail and get to know one another!

+ Customize your consultation to cover common sleep issues such as: poor napping to frequent night wakings, early rising before 6am, night weaning to undesired co-sleeping,  soothing your child without being rocked/walked/held/fed to sleep

+ Provide multiple techniques to lengthen naps and night sleep with gentle self-soothing techniques

+ Create age-appropriate daily routines and schedules

+ Talk about the ideal sleeping environment for your child during naps & night, and how to transition your child into their room & crib/toddler bed

+ Decide and Implement a CUSTOM & holistic sleep plan that fits within your values and child’s temperament that will encourage lengthened sleep based on neurological, biological & behavioral factors discussed in consultation

+ Includes Sleep Survival Guide ($100 value)

+ Includes seven days of support, additional weeks of support available ($250/week)

+ Custom Sleep Plan provided upon request (+$200)

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