*BUNDLE* Newborn & Infant Sleep Survival Guide

Baby Infant Newborn Sleep Survival Guide Bundle
Baby Infant Newborn Sleep Survival Guide Bundle

*BUNDLE* Newborn & Infant Sleep Survival Guide

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Now snag BOTH the Newborn & Infant Sleep Guides for a full YEAR’S worth of certified sleep advice for a discounted price!

This Sleep Survival guide BUNDLE is exactly what every New & Pregnant Mom needs to know about BABY SLEEP! When you have a brand new baby, the last thing you have the energy for is reading multiple sleep books trying to figure out how to help your Infant sleep.  With over 100+ pages packed with sleep tips & ideas that you won’t find together anywhere else, this is the ONLY baby sleep information you’ll ever need to read.  This “loaded” guide is packed with amazing secrets and EASY tactics previously only shared with full-time clients, and will set you up to have sleep success long past the 12-month mark by assisting you in creating great sleep habits from the start.  DOWNLOAD NOW- don’t wait until your baby is 12+ months old and not sleeping. You will wish you had this from the beginning!  For ages birth through 15 months old.


  • Sleep Shaping for Newborns 0-4 without tears

  • How to Help Baby Sleep 10+ Hours by 10 Weeks

  • A Realistic Look at What to Expect When Baby Arrives

  • Science Behind Infant Sleep

  • “How-To” Help Your Newborn Sleep & Settle without Tears or Sleep Training for Naps and Bedtime

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Transitioning to Nursery and/or Crib

  • Nutrition Guide- How Much to Feed & How Often

  • Gentle Sleep Shaping Solutions for 4+ Month Olds with Multiple Situations:

    • Parents Sharing a Room/Bed and wishing to drop night feeds and/or wean, transition baby into nursery and encourage independent sleep 

    • Parents Sharing a Room/Bed and wishing to transition baby to nursery while nursing

    •  Parents Sharing a Room/Bed and Wishing to continue doing so while dropping wakings and/or feeds

    • Parents wishing to encourage independent sleep & self-soothing for their children whom are already in the crib or nursery

  • Gentle Night Weaning and steps to easily drop night feeds

  • Feeding Schedules

  • Napping Schedules

  • Nighttime Schedule

  • Print & Cut Charts for Easy Use at Home

  • Nap Routine Examples

  • Bedtime Routine Examples

  • Lengthening Night Time Sleep

  • Wake Windows for Ages 0-15 Months

  • Popular EAT-PLAY-SLEEP Examples by Birth Weight

  • Soothing Techniques for Fussy Babies

  • Safe Sleep Tips

  • How to Swaddle

  • Lengthening Short Naps

  • Tips on how to reduce tears and strengthen bond with baby while sleep shaping

  • Popular Question &  Answers Section

  • How to Respond to Night Wakings

  • Common sleep troubles

  • Relaxation Tips & Ideas for Mom

  • Real Life Examples from New Parents

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