Infants: Ages 0–18 Months

Early riser, short napper, constant night waking- sound familiar? You've already spent countless hours researching online- yet your baby is different and nothing is working- and you're ready for change! We offer customized solutions for every family- together we can help your child learn to love sleep! 




For babies 0-6 months old.

infant & pre–toddler


For babies 6-18 months old.



For children of all ages, siblings & multiples.




For newborn babies up to 6 months of age. This package was designed to assist you in setting the groundwork early for an amazing sleeper for YEARS to come without sleep training! For first time Moms or parents that just need a refresher course, the Newborn Package is our most comprehensive consultation that we offer (meaning we cover it ALL!)  This package consultation lasts approximately two hours and includes 2-4 weeks of support with sleep coach (depending on chosen support package) where we will:

+ Discuss all the Newborn Sleep Basics, including: when to expect baby to sleep longer stretches at night and drop wakings, nap time hurdles, how to transition baby into nursery/crib, and safe sleep practices 

+ Custom schedules and routines for every month up to 6 months,  beginning as early as birth

+ Walk you through EXACTLY HOW to help baby learn to fall asleep independently without sleep training 

+ Give suggestions for creating a sleep inducing nursery or bedroom that everyone is comfortable with!

+ Chat in depth about NAPS (when, where and how!), extending night sleep and newborn soothing techniques

+ Provide a nutrition assessment based on baby's growth, when to introduce a bottle

+ Includes the "Newborn Sleep" survival guide

+ Includes two weeks of support, additional weeks of support at $100/week


Don't quite need a full consultation but still need some guidance? Check out our Sleep Survival Guides!





For children 6-18 months.  Most children are able to sleep through the night by 6 months- if they are taught the necessary skills to put themselves back to sleep.   We believe that positive reinforcement, logical consequences and various gentle sleep coaching methods and techniques will help your infant learn to love their environment AND sleep! Includes two-weeks of text & email support with sleep coach. This package includes a 2-hour phone consultation where we will:

+ Review your child history form in detail and get to know one another!

+ Customize your consultation to cover common sleep issues such as: poor napping to frequent night wakings, early rising before 6am, night weaning to undesired co-sleeping,  soothing your child without being rocked/walked/fed to sleep

+ Provide multiple techniques to lengthen naps and night sleep with gentle self-soothing techniques

+ Create age-appropriate daily routines and schedules

+ Talk about the ideal sleeping environment for your child during naps & night, and how to transition your child into nursery and/or the crib

+ Decide and Implement a CUSTOM & holistic sleep plan that fits within your values and child’s temperament that will encourage lengthened sleep based on neurological, biological & behavioral factors discussed in consultation

+ Includes Infant Sleep Survival Guide

+ Custom Sleep Plan provided upon request (+$150)


Don't quite need a full consultation but still need some guidance? Check out our Sleep Survival Guides!



Mini Consultations: $150  

For clients interested in one area of assistance regarding sleep (daycare sleep, sleep regression help, nightmares, new sibling, etc.) with a child that sleeps fairly well already at night/naps who has developed a minor sleep issue. You will receive a verbal sleep action plan, however no support is included. This package is available as a 30-minute phone call with one follow up email. For children 0-3 Years Old.

 Maintenance Package: $100

Available to all clients after services rendered that includes FOUR follow up emails over the course of one-year at their choosing.

Hourly Rate $200

If needed in addendum to any packages above.


Don't quite need a full consultation but still need some guidance? Check out our Sleep Survival Guides!